CopperBreeze rz5 Plush 11” Mattress

CopperBreeze rz5 Plush 11” Mattress

PriceFrom $2,499.00


  • Temperature optimized and designed to be soft and conforming. Three layers of crafted foam include High Density Copper Memory Foam and Prime Base foam. Top it off with the CopperBreeze Temperature Optimized Sleep Cover and the rz5 mattress delivers luxurious comfort with great support.

    • CopperBreeze Temperature Optimized Sleep Cover - cooling fabric and threads made with real copper combine to regulate heat and kill germs
    • Top layer - 2 inches of High Density Copper Infused Memory Foam
    • Middle layer - 3 inches of soft support foam
    • Base layer - 6 inches of Prime base foam
    • Cool touch cover: We use special cooling fabric that is carefully engineered to prevent heat from building up while you sleep

    • CopperBreeze technology: Copper naturally regulates temperature, so we wove threads with real copper into our cover to help disperse heat

    • High Density Copper Memory Foam: The copper infusion in the top layer of foam keeps it from getting too warm and High Density provides extra pressure point relief and long lasting durability

    • Soft support foam: The middle layer of the mattress is carefully engineered to be just the right mixture of comfort and support

    • Prime base foam: Underneath everything is a bottom layer that provides firm support without sacrificing softness

    • Easy-to-ship box: Each mattress is rolled and sealed to keep it simple to transport and carry